Priscilla may have been the first American itasha (痛車), or painful/decorated car. I had her painted in November, 1995. I cut off the painted panels before junking her. The rest of the updates below are old, but the photos have been re-scanned.

Note: I found an old usenet posting, featuring the old URL: 1996 posting.

She was a tan 1980 Honda Accord manual 5-speed hatchback who went over 300 thousand miles. In 1995, just before Westercon in Portland, I got her painted.

She is running well again, after having her tires, transmission (she still has her old 5th gear), exhaust, and clutch disk replaced Sept-Oct 1996.

I sold her to Ace around October 1997.

In March 1998, her exhaust manifold blew up. Ace couldn't afford to have her fixed, so I took her back. My friend TJ (and his truck) helped me tow her home. Now she's fixed again, with a used manifold, for $500. I got her back just in time to enjoy having air conditioning again.

In 1999, her head gasket blew, and she just sat there for a long time, being started once in a while, collecting leaves, going once in a long while for gas, because she overheated so quickly.

Then in 2000, I got a tax return and some bonuses, and a few bonuses, and got her fixed again. I even drove her over the mountain to Santa Cruz, and attempted to bake a potato on her engine block. Not enough heat for not enough time...

February 2001: Something went wrong with Priscilla's engine. One chamber is getting no compression, and my mechanic thinks there's a broken piston. So she's sitting again. Next year she'll need a smog check... hopefully I'll find an engine replacement by then, or another similar car I can paint, or have lots of money and replace the engine with an electric one.

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  • Driver's side door. Tatsuya, Minami, and Kazuya from Touch.

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  • Back left panel. Shampoo, Akane, and Ranma-chan from Ranma 1/2 are super-deformed. P-chan is a natural deform. Gas cap door says "Ranma 1/2."

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  • Right mid-back. Eve from MegaZone 23 and Minmay from Macross.

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  • Right back. D from Vampire Hunter D with Miyu from Vampire Princess Miyu.

    Priscilla was painted by my sister Andri. She lives in Seattle.

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