English Language Fan Videos Party



Thank you for your interest in the videos shown at the English Language Fan Videos party at Nippon 2007!

I wanted to provide a bit more information about the videos shown for those interested.

I wanted to solicit fan videos in English from all over for Japanese fans to enjoy, but I believe all of these were produced in California. Still, there is quite a lot of diversity here.

The party hasn't happened as of this writing, but will be on Saturday, September 1, at 8:30pm in room 601 at the InterContinental Grand Yokohama Hotel in Yokohama, Japan.

The party flier in pdf: http://anysize.org/~ashi/english-language-fan-videos-flier2.pdf

Note: that little barcode in the bottom right corner of the flier is scannable by most Japanese camera phones and is the URL of this page in barcode form. Search for "QR Code" for more information.

Why am I giving a way a VCR? I hoped Kevin would transfer his videos to DVD or other computer-readable format. I didn't want to drag one all around Japan. I found one on Craigslist Tokyo for only 1000 yen! And I don't want to bother dragging it home either, as I already have one at home. Still thinking of ideas for doing the give-away... free raffle tickets, or the first one who asks for it?

Sorry, but there is no version of this page in Japanese, yet. Any volunteers?

The videos:


Guidolon, The Giant Space Chicken, is an animated movie by award-winning artist Frank Wu. It's about a giant space chicken's struggles in trying to make a movie about himself.

For more information: http://frankwu.com/

Eric in the Elevator

Eric in the Elevator is a talk show filmed in an elevator each year at Baycon in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you board an elevator on Friday night of Baycon, you may wind up as a guest!

For more information: http://community.livejournal.com/eric_in_elevatr/ http://zuckershack.org/EitE/

The Scentinels

Zero Productions: The Scentinels: First Loves is a badly dubbed relic from the 1980's. U.S. anime fans back then would watch anime purely in Japanese with no subtitles. Sometimes we would get bored and create our own dialogue. Some of us actually recorded this dialogue and did our own dubs.

This piece has remastered video done by a guy I never met in Indianapolis who disappeared off the net not long after doing the remaster.

For more information: http://scentinels.com/

Doctor Who and the Zombie Legions and Those Darn Daleks

There was no link for the Doctor Who videos, so I asked Kevin Standlee to write a bit about them.

THE ZOMBIE LEGIONS and THOSE DARN DALEKS are two 3-part amateur _Doctor Who_ serials made in the 1980s by fans in Northern California. Produced by Richard Hallock and directed by Kevin Standlee, the production values of these two films compare favorably to early episodes of the actual BBC series, which may tell you something about 1960s BBC productions.

In THE ZOMBIE LEGIONS, The Fourth Doctor and K-9 land on what he thinks is a deserted planet, where he finds a spacewrecked Earthling from the 23nd century and his unwilling companion, the mushroom-like and avaricious Gillic-Gillis. Then Sontarans turn up to establish a forward base for their latest dastardly plans. Extricating the castaways from their predicament, the Doctor flees to Earth, where he stumbles onto a fiendish plot and encounters a past nemesis. Once again it's up to the Doctor to save the Earth from mad plans of would-be world conquerors.

The tone is a bit lighter in the sort-of sequel, THOSE DARN DALEKS. Gillic-Gillis is booted down the Doctor's personal time-stream, landing in a future Doctor's lap and undergoing a drastic tranformation. The Doctor's intention of showing G-G 20th-centry Picadilly Circus goes awry as balky TARDIS controls catch fire and drop them into the sleepy college town of Chico, California. The Doctor must have a trouble magnet installed on the TARDIS, because here he encounters the renewed menace of the Daleks. Investigating further, he finds that yet another fiendish plot to enslave humanity is afoot, this time being cooked up in the deserted top floor of the university library building, where yet another old foe of the Doctor lurks. Can the Doctor foil the plans to infiltrate Daleks into people's homes in the form of "Household Helper Robots" assisted only by the doubtfully-loyal Gillic Gillis and a burnt-out stoner whose main qualification was that he had a blanket handy for putting out a TARDIS fire? Or will the Doctor have difficulty getting the party-loving college students to take him seriously? Tune in and find out!

The party is over. Thanks! Here is my brief write-up: http://toddashi.livejournal.com/104578.html.