Some useful Mac Software.

mac ssh SSH is a secure replacement for telnet. Macssh works with

stuffit The latest stuffit expander. Allows you to uncompress compressed Mac files.

icab is a kick-ass web browser written just for Macs. It's fast, and if a web site is really coded correctly, it will smile. So far, the only site i've found that it will smile at is its own web site.

niftytelnet ssh is a program that includes scp (secure copy), something that will let you transfer files like ftp, but secure. I still haven't gotten it to work with though.

MacTCP Utilities seems old, but I'm evaluating it.

Apple Location Manager is an updated replacement for Mac TCP Switcher. It's included with recent Powermacs.

Some Stuff for old Macs.

System 6 has lots of nifty stuff for System 6 on old Macs.

Free Mac Software downloads.

The Mac SE Support Pages