1850 Evans Lane Suite 87
San Jose California 95125-2012

SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR / TECHNICAL SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL with 15 years of progressive experience in college, high-tech, and public relations settings. Experienced in heterogeneous environments with Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix, and OS/2. Adept in troubleshooting networks, hardware, software, and document formats, and responding with a strong sense of urgency. Creative worker with solid teaching skills. Good at communicating complex technologies to non-technical people. Skillful at resolving difficult or emotional customer situations.


Administration of Meridian Phone/Voicemail system. Setup extensions, names, voicemail boxes, and passwords.
Server Administration:
Built and administered Win NT, Win 2000, RedHat Linux, and Debian Linux servers.
Web administration: Apache & MS IIS, Internet/Intranet sites, virtual domains, Perl scripts.
Email administration: Postfix, Exchange Server, and Sendmail. Maintain user accounts, reset passwords, virtual domain setup.
DNS, DHCP, Active Directory.
SQL server maintenance. Queries via Crystal Reports.
Network administration: Switches, making/running cables, TCP/IP setup, File Sharing, ssh/ftp/telnet servers, Print Server setup/admin, Samba setup/admin, Ethernet & Token Ring.
Crontab & At to schedule server commands

Desktop Software:
Win NT/2000/XP/95/98:
Office 2000 Suite, Access, Star Office/Open Office, Outlook, Eudora, Lotus Notes, Gimp, PhotoShop, Track IT, Remedy, Hummingbird eXceed

vi, shell scripts, ssh, Perl, screen, XFree86, Various window managers, Gimp, Framemaker, Star Office/Open Office
OS/2 WARP 3.0/4.0:
Lotus Smartsuite, Lotus Notes
Office 98, Filemaker Pro, PhotoShop, Eudora

Video capture, subtitling, and dubbing using ATI capture software, Virtual Dub, Sub Station Alpha, various codecs, for small digital video projects.

PC XT through Pentium 4, Macintosh 68k/Powermac, Sparc, RS/6000, installed components on PC/Macintosh/Sparc.

Win NT/2000 Workstation/Server
Unix: BSD/Linux/Solaris/Ultrix
Mac OS9/OS X
DOS 6.2/Win 3.1/95/98
OS/2 WARP Connect/4.0

Experienced in troubleshooting and diagnosing various hardware/software; performing file conversions and identifying file types with no extensions; performing hardware/software installations and configurations on PCs, Suns, and Macs.

Built PC at home with RedHat Linux and RAID 0+1 as web/email/ssh server and set up Ethernet network. Built co-located web/email/ssh server with Debian.


MMC TECHNOLOGY, San Jose, California
January 2002 to present
System Administrator

Responsible for troubleshooting various hardware, software, and network issues on office PCs and cleanroom tool PCs. Coordinate with other IT staff to work on large projects. Install and configure software and hardware. Developed a production flow map to identify all the system locations and configurations in the clean room. Helped implement new RFID tag system in the clean room.

AUSPEX SYSTEMS, Santa Clara, California
2000 to 2001
Software Engineer

Packaged software patches for customers, performed continuous build testing on Network-Attached Storage, built interim software builds, maintained Perl scripts, and interviewed potential candidates for various Auspex positions. Worked with Solaris and Win NT.

KVO PUBLIC RELATIONS, Mountain View, California
1997 to 2000
Senior Systems Administrator

Responsible for maintaining DNS and internal/external websites including forms; administering user accounts with Unix (BSD/OS 2.0.1), Win NT, and MediaMap; administering Norstar telephones/voicemail; and interviewing potential candidates for various KVO positions.
* Built Win NT file/print server for KVO to serve Mac, Win, and Linux. Set up organizational scheme for file areas and established local server for office.
* Coordinated the computer/network portion of office move for KVO, including the reconfiguration of Cisco routers.
* Sold obsolete computer equipment and bought newer equipment.
* Set up a workstation with RedHat Linux 6.1 and set up Samba to allow interaction with existing Win network.
* Set up Internet Information Server and DHCP.
* Wrote Unix script files to switch between keyboard layouts.

IBM CORPORATION, San Jose, California
1996 to 1997
Contractor, Computer Task Group, Santa Clara, California
Performed various hardware and software installations and troubleshooting.
Wrote and maintained IBM internal PC Help website at Cottle Road site.

INTEL CORPORATION, Santa Clara, California
1994 to 1996
Assistant to Associate Editor, T-CAD Department

Responsible for responding to IEEE article submissions. Set up documents for my manager to respond to, and wrote response letters based on his decisions.
Set up data documents and merge letters in WordPerfect to print all letters for the Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on CAD/ICAS. Set up merges to print from a button bar.

1991 to 1995
Student Assistant

Wrote macros and merges in Word, Excel, and WordPerfect, including merge to email. Interviewed potential candidates for various San Jose State Foundation positions. Trained new Technical Support Specialists.
* Reorganized mailing of monthly reports. Changed from handwritten random mailing to presorting, consolidation, and preprinted labels.
* Rewrote Word 6 mail merges for accounts payable memos. Automated date and totals fields.

FULLERTON COLLEGE, Fullerton, California
1988 to 1990
Software Support

Supported PCs and Macs in the computer labs and offices on campus. Installed software and responded to any software issues.
Wrote DOS batch files to install software and update the menu data file in computer labs.


Coursework towards BS in Computer Science, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
General Education, Fullerton College, Fullerton, California
Win NT Systems Administration classes

Various coursework in: C language, Pascal, Fortran, 3D Animation, Ada, Combinatorics, and CAD Design.