This is my good left side. Note how it is unbroken. This is from the same xray as the next picture... it's a big xray.

unbroken left femur

This is my bad right side after the accident. See the breakage?

broken right femur

Can't see it? Here, I circled it:

broken part circled

Here is the right side just after surgery. I like metal.

metal implants are nice

Okay, let's see some scars. These are from the day my bandages came off, about a week after surgery.

Stay tuned for xrays from my final check-up appointment. Bone should grow around the metal pins.

Update: New xrays, and I go back to work Monday, September 20.

Xray at 6 weeks

I'm growing back together nicely.

another 6-week xray, plus my zipper

Notice the string-like structure on the right of the image. It's my zipper.

scar 1 at 6 weeks

scar 2 at 6 weeks

My scars are healing well. I took these myself, so they didn't turn out very well.