Beauty Is Skin-Deep: Eating Disorders Guide talks about different common eating disorders as well as body image!

Kim Brittingham's blog seems to be no more, but she's written some size-positive articles for Salon:

Fat!so? is a site by Marilyn Wann, who wrote the book by the same name (see book reviews). It seems to have a few non-working links, but it does have a unique index where you click on different butts to get to the different sections! Be sure to read the Manifesto and Ask Aunt Agony.

Girl Positive Cheers, by the Radical Cheerleaders. These include 3 cheers that have to do with eating and society's image. For example, Riot don't diet get up get out and try it...

Body Positive was one of my main inspirations. It has lots of good information about building a positive, realistic self-image.

About-face combats negative and distorted images of women.