Hi there. My name is Todd.

This page is getting pretty stale, but I did recently make some wallpapers for my Palm Pre using art from the anime Cross Game. They should also fit an iPhone.

Then I got bored and went all Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha with my phone: Nanoha Raising Heart Sounds

I go to the Google Anime Club in Mountain View, CA on Thursday nights.

Here's a self-portrait from 1988, and here's a picture from when I was seven. Or try a more recent picture. I can blow big bubbles.

I make and mail horribly rich chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I also have an interesting chili recipe.

I'm a Christian. I worked graveyard shift for 3 years, but thankfully that is all behind me now, hopefully for good. It certainly wasn't good for me. Here is my resume.

I have a car named Yumi, named after a character in Maria-sama ga Miteru. Previously I have had other cars, including Ender, Priscilla, Akane, and the Blue Lion. I maintain a personal calendar as well as anysize.org, which affirms people of any size. I use lots of different software, even Mac software.

I screencapped a painting in Van Gogh style of the Tardis exploding from the episode "The Pandorica Opens": The Pandorica Opens (Exploding Tardis)

I recently ordered some neat checks. Questions? Comments? Rants? Email me.

I am against Rick Santorum for President. I don't recommend following that link.

I am a fan of Mastress Manga.